Studio Experience - 2017!

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Legacy Republic's STUDIO has arrived! 
We're changing the way your family will experience your photo albums and scrapbooks. Who's with us?!

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Are you "Studio-ready?"

Smartphone Models

256 GB
iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus

128 GB or 256 GB
iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus

128 GB, 64GB
iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus

* "Plus" size iPhone Studio accommodations will be provided upon request.
* iPhone 6S 64GB model is no longer available for purchase as new from Apple.
* 32GB iPhone models will not be supported by the Home Office for use with Studio.


Welcome, Studio. A Magical Opportunity!

Dear Legacy Makers,

In 2012 we challenged ourselves to create an innovative, one-of-a-kind technology for capturing the 100+ years of family memories that are found in billions of photo albums and scrapbooks.

Our answer is Studio, launching this August 2017 — a portable, patented, award-winning, iPhone-based system that specializes in capturing photo albums and scrapbooks from wherever you are… It’s a next generation capturing system for photo albums and scrapbooks.

Studio captures from the ‘top down’ right through existing plastic covers and sheets, so there is no need to remove photos or pages from our precious albums. This patented technology creates a digital replica without glare from these protective covers.

From our headquarters in Silicon Valley, the technology capital of the world, you can expect Studio to always be the latest and greatest! And because it’s based on the iPhone, Studio will never become obsolete or unsupported like traditional scanners.

Below you will find many details regarding the launch programs and Frequently Asked Questions. Thank you for joining us on this special journey.

Congratulations to everyone who earned First Access and their place on the Wait List groups!!

Last but not least, thank you to our world-class team here at our Silicon Valley headquarters. You’re about to change the world.

Let’s go,

Brian R. Knapp
President, Legacy Republic

Legacy Republic Field Connection Call (3/08)
In a March webinar, Benson Giang and I discussed the Studio opportunity. 
Watch the 3/8 Field Connection Webinar
Studio Schedule

1.  First Access – we anticipate that First Access achievers will receive their physical Studio Package by Tuesday, August 15th. Completion of the Studio Business Application, Legacy University - Studio Course, and proof of insurance are required prior to shipment (info. for these coming soon). 

2.  Wait List (Group A, Reunion Attendees) – we anticipate that the Wait List group attending Reunion will receive their physical Studio Package by mid- October. We will keep you apprised!

3.  Wait List (All Other Groups) – we anticipate that all Wait List groups will receive Studio before the end of this year 2017.

The Studio Package

I. Studio System:
  • Magic Black Box (hardware unit)
  • Studio iPhone ‘capture’ app
  • Studio order creation website & app
II. Studio EXTRAS:
  • Capture Props
  • Transport carry bag
  • Printed marketing materials
III. Studio Order Safety Materials:
  • Dedicated bags, job tickets, order forms, & more!
IV. Studio System Lease, Maintenance & Support Program:
  • Studio System is provided to Legacy Makers on a lease basis (like leasing a car)
  • Maintenance & Support Program (“System Support Program”) – includes future software enhancements and updates at no additional cost. Studio is also covered by a warranty with comprehensive support and troubleshooting services.
Studio – Features & Special Benefits.
  • Special Recognition Title
  • Premium local listing in the “find a local LM” finder
  • Exclusive trainings, coaching, WeCare support, & marketing resources
  • Participation in Studio-tailored surveys, feedback sessions & focus groups
  • Personal website badge / Studio-certified indicator
  • Exclusive access to Studio business-building specials
  • Custom Studio business swag
Studio Costs & Fees; First Access & Wait List Special Programs.

For First Access and Wait List Program qualifiers, there is no upfront fee or cost to receive your leased Studio System. The System Support Program is $50.00 per month (“System Support Fee”) paid via Commissions Adjustments. 

A. First Access Program:
  • ZERO upfront fee for Studio System
  • Studio EXTRAS – complimentary!
  • Waived monthly System Support Fee through October 31st
  • Waived monthly System Support Fee with a monthly minimum of $250.00 PCV of Studio orders, the equivalent of approximately 2 scrapbooks
B. Wait List Program (all groups):
  • ZERO upfront fee for Studio System
  • Studio EXTRAS – complimentary!
  • Waived monthly System Support Fee through end of the month in which you receive Studio’s Magic Black Box and the next full calendar month (e.g., receive Magic Black Box on Oct. 7th, then the Support Fee is waived for the rest of October and November)
  • Waived monthly System Support Fee with a monthly minimum of $250.00 PCV of Studio orders, the equivalent of approximately 2 scrapbooks
Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  How long does it take to capture an album or scrapbook with Studio?
It takes about 3 minutes to set up Studio and 20-30 seconds to capture each side.
A photo album or scrapbook with Studio takes less time than counting sides, packing & shipping, and following up on orders delivered out to the Memory Factories. So Studio orders are faster for Legacy Makers than the current Memory Factory service.
2.  What happens at the Memory Factory once a captured album is uploaded from my Studio app?

Once you upload a captured album or scrapbook from the Studio app, our Memory Factory technology and technicians take over to put the finishing touches on the customer’s memories before loading them into their Family Legacy account.

3.  Are Studio orders different than album and scrapbook orders processed at the Memory Factory? 

Yes, there will be some differences between these types of orders. We will be covering the services in detail at Reunion and in future announcements. 

Also, related, the special Studio ‘magic’ is only applied on a going-forward basis to memories captured with Studio, not retroactively to prior orders already in Family Legacy. 

4.  Are Studio orders applied to the current Compensation Plan?
There are no changes to the Compensation Plan for Studio orders.  

Legacy Republic is committed to offering all of our products and services under one standard compensation plan – this consistency and simplicity is beneficial all around as we scale this business.
5.  What is the estimated earning potential for Studio?
We estimate the customer / sales opportunity improvement to be at least TEN times versus offering to ship them out.
Initial estimates are that Legacy Makers will be earning at least $50.00 per hour of capture time.
6.  How do customers access their digitized albums and scrapbooks?  

In response to feedback from many customers and Legacy Makers, the focus will be for customers to access Studio orders in their Family Legacy account. We’ll be going over this customer experience in a lot more detail at Reunion and in future announcements. Stay tuned! 

7.  How long does it take for their albums and scrapbooks to be available in Family Legacy?

Three (3) business days once the capture has been successfully uploaded from the Studio app.  

8.  Which iPhones are ‘Studio’ compatible?  
  • iPhone 8, 8 Plus - 256 GB
  • iPhone 7, 7 Plus - 128 GB or 256 GB
  • iPhone 6S, 6S Plus - 64 GB or 128 GB
*  "Plus" size iPhone Studio accommodations will be provided upon request (via Business Application response or WeCare)
*  iPhone 6S 64GB model is no longer available for purchase as new from Apple
*  32GB iPhone models will not be supported by the Home Office for use with Studio

9.  Does the Studio app use up phone company data?  

No. The Studio iPhone app connects to Studio System via Bluetooth. The Studio app sends completed albums to the Memory Factory via WiFi connection.

10.  When will Studio be delivered to the Wait List Program groups?
The Wait List group attending Reunion should expect to receive Studio by mid-October – this is an estimate and subject to change. Stay tuned! 
All Wait List groups should expect to receive Studio before the end of this year 2017.

11.  I’m not in First Access or on the Wait List! How may I receive Studio?

Legacy Makers who are not already in First Access or on the Wait List are currently eligible for the Wait List Program through the July recruiting promotion, which ends July 31st

12.  When will Studio be made generally available to any Legacy Maker? 
Studio will be made generally available for lease by any Legacy Maker (new or current) in the first half of 2018. 

13.  Will Legacy Republic lease Studios to the general public?

Not any time soon so long as our field continues to grow! Studio is available to Legacy Makers only. 

14.  What happens next? 

If you’re in the First Access group, then we’ll be sending you the Business Application, Lease Agreement, and Insurance information at the end of this week.

If you’re on the Wait List, then get excited for Reunion and stay tuned!  

Please contact if you have any questions about your Studio status. 
updated, as of 7/18/17

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